Can Sharks Smell Your Period?

Do Scuba gear reviews of Shark repellents include the term” sharks eat brains” or “sharks pack their lunch”? What is the truth behind this claim, and what do we really need to be safe when out in the ocean during our monthly periods? The “Bites of the Shark” blog recently posted a review of the” Sharks Eat Brain” Scuba Gear. While the content might be disturbing, it was based on factual information of course; and included no false claims of facts.

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There are various species of sharks that may feed upon your flesh and blood, and one of them is the White Tip Reef Shark, otherwise known as a “bloodhound.” This is not to say they don’t feed upon other types of fish, but this is their main prey. These animals have powerful jaws and are bottom-dwellers, often hiding in their natural environments. Their ability to hide and pounce quickly means that once they have tasted blood, it is quite possible that you will be in trouble. It is worth noting here too, that many of the so-called “Sharks” in the movies have been shown to in fact attack people and animals that humans do not hunt. can sharks smell your period

Some of the reasons that” Sharks” may smell your Period, could very well be due to “Sperm Whale Fungus,” which releases a chemical called “volatile sulfur compounds” into the air. These fumes which smells very similar to fresh human blood. Sulfur is also released by hot water (which is used for bathing) as well as from boiling food items. While it is hard to confirm, many believe that sharks could detect human blood due to its viscosity. They are not likely to pick you out of the water unless you are swimming very slowly – hence their greatest predilection towards ships.

Many other theories have been put forward as to why sharks may attack humans, however the most popular one remains the “Jellyfish Vibes.” This theory states that sharks feel threatened by anything which they mistake for a jellyfish, therefore they will lunge at and attempt to strike any potential prey which looks like a jellyfish. However, it should be noted that this theory only has been verified in very few cases where there has been no evidence of shark activity around the victim. Another theory is “Para Whales” or “Parasite Whales.” This theory says that because sharks have poor eyesight and are unable to distinguish between their prey and other forms of marine life, Parasites could also confuse the sharks’ hungering and their movement of prey, thus entangling them and causing death.

To test this theory we all need to do is attach a tampon to our wrist and leave it in for a week. If the tampon is swallowed by the shark within a week, then it is said that sharks smell the blood and the theory stands true. A lot of people have even said that if you wear a wet t-shirt during your period you will attract sharks, therefore if you buy a tampon with blood on it to make sure it’s washed before you leave the store! But the theory doesn’t stand by itself. There is still much more research to be done.

You may not think that sharks can smell your period, but the answer is yes. The reason that they can smell your bodily fluid released during your period is because they are very keen observers of the changes of your body. During ovulation your body releases a lot of lubricant (testosterone) and this attracts the sharks. Also, during menstruation your body produces a lot of slippery organic substances (dietary fibre) which are released and look attractive to sharks. In fact, your period is probably the most likely detectable thing that a shark can smell.