The Full Text of the Book Beyond Death

The full text of the book Beyond Death, written by Raymond Moody and published in 1975, changed the way people thought about death and what lies ahead. It has been republished to mark its fortieth anniversary with a new Foreword from Eben Alexander, and an updated Afterword by Raymond Moody. متن کامل کتاب آن سوی مرگ

The book contains insights from God’s Word and personal reflections that will be a source of strength and comfort for you or someone you know who is suffering the pain of loss. It will not instantly make the pain go away, but it will give you wisdom and strength to move forward in life.

In a culture that is so filled with cynicism and the worship of material things, many people find it hard to accept a higher reality and an existence beyond death. The Bible is one of the best sources for understanding this and offers a hope-filled promise that there is a future life, even after our physical bodies have died.

But the question of what happens after we die is not a question that has only been asked in religious contexts; it is also a question that is widely studied and discussed by scientists, philosophers, and scholars of all other disciplines. This is why there are so many books on this subject, all of which contain some good information about what happens to our souls after death.

Some of the evidence for life after death comes from accounts of those who have had near-death experiences (NDEs). These are experiences where a person meets with a state of consciousness that is similar to what occurs in the brainstem when the heart is beating but the body has stopped.

It is this state of mind that the authors of this book believe to be the most important source of evidence for life after death. They have drawn from a wide range of sources, including research reports, scientific studies, mystical texts, and individual witness accounts.

They also discuss what is known about death, dying and the afterlife in all of the world’s great religions. The book demonstrates that the concepts of heaven, hell, purgatory, and other aspects of life after death are pervasive in all religions, ranging from Hinduism to Christian sacred writings.

The authors show that these mythological themes are a product of the psychological nature of human beings. These myths help us to understand the deepest mysteries of life and are an essential part of the spiritual worldviews in all religions.

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